We can't get over Mark Wright's awkward mishap...

We all say the odd silly thing, but Mark Wright made a major blunder on BBC Breakfast this morning! Appearing on the show to promote his new CBeebies children’s programme ‘Dengineers’, the former TOWIE star – who is married to Michelle Keegan – was asked to identify the presenter’s Children in Need costume.

He was told ‘Children In Need tonight, the idea is that you dress up as your childhood hero. Mark who do you think that is?’, as a giveaway photo of Prince flashed up on the screen. Mark’s response? ‘Erm…Prince Queen.’


AWKS! The presenter, in total disbelief, asked ‘Did you just say Prince Queen?’ to which Mark Wright defended himself saying ‘Prince? I said Prince first!’

Somehow we don’t think this made it better for the shocked presenter, who finished the interview by saying ‘That was a little bizarre.’ Oh dear – poor Mark!

Thankfully, things aren’t all bad for Mark Wright, who is currently recovering from major foot surgery, as his exciting new show Dengineers is due to start next Saturday morning at 8:25am.

We can’t wait to see the hunky television presenter at the forefront of the new children’s programme, which is focussed on building play dens for youngsters!

He told the BBC: ‘I’m delighted to be fronting this show. I can’t wait to see what kids we meet and what dens we produce for them. I think my 10-year-old self might be pretty jealous!’ ADORBS!

Co-hosting with Lauren Layfield, this is a great prospect for the reality star – just no one turn up dressed as Prince and everything will be fine, okay?!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter