Mark's got the partying out of his system

Mark Wright has changed his ways since meeting Michelle Keegan.

The ex-TOWIE star admits he’s not the party animal he used to be as he’d rather be at home with his fiancée.

‘I never thought I’d say it, but I’m bored of going out,’ says Mark, 27.

‘I love seeing the boys for dinner but, once it gets to midnight, I want to go home while the boys go out on the pull.

‘I cuddle Michelle all night and think of all those single people out there getting a kebab and strolling home pissed, while I’m cosy!’

Mark lived it up when he was younger but he’s glad it’s out of his system now that he’s settled with Michelle, 26.

‘It’s important to live to the max and get everything out of the way, before you meet someone special,’ the reality star says.

‘I had my party days when I was single, but I’m done with all that now.’

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