Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright got into a little tiff when they were on air.

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The showbiz couple, who have been married since 2015, appeared on the radio together and seemed to get into a little argument while they were live on air.

The pair both appeared on Heart Radio, where Mark presents the Club Classics show every Friday and Saturday evening.

Appearing on today’s Heart Breakfast show, where they were quizzed by presenters Jamie Theakston and Lucy Horobin on their home life, the duo got into a little lovers’ spat about their relationship.

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Kicking off the quarrel, Jamie asked Michelle: ‘Your phone or Mark your husband? If you had to give up one. Something you couldn’t live without, which would you keep? Phone or Mark? Which would you keep? Which would it be?’

Unaware of the fact that husband Mark was on another line listening, Michelle considered her answer before replying: ‘It’s going to have to be Mark isn’t it? He’ll be listening somewhere.’

The 32-year-old was then shocked when Mark spoke on the other line, saying: ‘Oh yes I am listening. You just answered correctly, well done.’

‘I was actually going to pick phone I’m not going to lie,’ responded the former Coronation Street acress. ‘I thought, has he gone back to bed, can I get away with this?’

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Mark responded saying: ‘I know she’s fibbing anyway, it’s the phone all day long,’ to which the soap star replied: ‘You can talk. You’re on your bloody phone all the time!’

After hearing that her husband had also eaten breakfast without her, Michelle then joked to presenters Jamie and Lucy: ‘Look you caused a row now getting him on the show!’

Later, Mark jokingly accused his wife of lying, saying: ‘If she’s going to tell fibs I’m going. Have a good morning guys. Bye.’

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Michelle also admitted that her TV presenter husband has had issues with tidiness since returning home from working in Los Angeles.

‘I’ve had to sort of retrain him around the house again,’ she said. ‘He sort of got a bit lazy when he got back. But he’s alright, he’s alright. He just steps out of his pants and leaves them and gets into bed.’

After joking that he’d had enough of his wife’s lies Mark then hung up and left Michelle to her conversation.

The couple have been married for four years and live together in their Essex home.