The former TOWIE star puts on an entertaining display as he larks around...

Broody Mark Wright has given fans a glimpse of what he’d be like as a dad as he spend a funny day with his baby relative Bernie while wife Michelle Keegan is away filming Our Girl in South Africa.

The 32-year-old presenter, who has been busy jetting back and fourth to LA, squeezed some quality time with the blonde haired youngster, who is the son of his cousin Alix Wright and couldn’t resist pulling out all the dad-like jokes – clowning around on various Instagram filters which he uploaded to his Instastory.


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The former TOWIE star wasted no time in getting the youngster’s attention by choosing the cartoon glasses filter. Sat next to each other on the sofa, while Bernie is pre-occupied with watching his own TV programme, Mark tries to get his attention in the BEST possible way.


He asks: ‘Why are you wearing glasses? Why are you wearing glasses, Bernie, look, look at me, look, Bernie look. Hello, hello. Hello.’

Mark Wright

Mark then giggles and Bernie laughs. Using the alien eye filter, he asks: ‘What’s happened to you? Before proceeding to wiggle his tongue in and out.

Bernie is giggling but when Mark switches to a clown filter, Bernie giggles his head off.

Mark Wright

Mark admitted earlier this year he was excited to start a family, he said: ‘We’re really excited to be a family and have kids, and touch wood that can happen one day, but just not right now. We’re so busy, and still so young.’

Putting on an American accent, after spending most of 2018 filming in Los Angeles on EXTRA TV, Mark adds a sunglasses filter and says: ‘Bernie, shall we take the road and go get a beer, what d’ya say? What d’ya say.’ Bernie goes quiet when he sees he has the filter of a man with a beard. ‘Yes or no’, Mark asks.

Mark Wright

Failing to get an answer, Mark pulls out the big one – the filter he is most impressed with is the big smile – and both Mark and Bernie cannot stop laughing. Short-lived, Bernie continues to watch his programme, as Mark asks: ‘If you answer I’ll let you watch the tv, what’s your name?’

Mark flips to the brown wig filter and Bernie cannot believe his eyes – and seems confused as to where is lovely blonde locks have gone.

To Mark’s amusement, he commentates: ‘He thinks it’s his hair…What’s happened to your hair? Haha What’s your name? What’s your name?’

And switching to the cone head filter, Mark asks: ‘What’s on your head? before rounding off with crooked teeth and wobbly nose filters.

‘What’s happened to your teeth? Open your mouth.’ Bernie laughs. As Mark adds, ‘Bernie, look at my wobbly nose, what’s happened to your nose? it’s fallen off.’

How adorable. Looks like he’ll be a fab and fun dad!