Yup, the claws are out.

With Big Brother back on our screens, it’s v. easy to become entirely wrapped up in the current affairs of the house.

However, it would appear that two Ex-housemates are bringing up old Big Brother bones from outside the house- with Stephanie Davis and Marnie Simpson currently feuding over who invented the whole ‘Big Brother romance’ thing first.

We kid you not.

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So, this is the sitch- in her first column for The Mirror, Steph has called out Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson and former TOWIE ‘fella Lewis Bloor’s relationship on the show as being a showmance.

Speaking of her own romance on the show, Steph writes that despite the rollercoaster she’s had with Jeremy McConnell she wouldn’t change it ‘for the world’.

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However, she quickly changed the topic of conversation to begin blasting Marnie’n’Lew, claiming they were in it for the cameras. Steph writes, ‘loads of people have tried to copy [me and Jeremy] since, just look at Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor! They were trying to copy me and Jez so badly that you could just see through it – and look what that happened’.

Certainly not the wallflower, our Steph.

Selfie time for Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor (Photo: Instagram/marniegshore)

However, Marnie has decided she definitely isn’t going to take the comments of her last relationship lying down- and has now hit back at Stephanie via Twitter.

Sharing with her 1mil Twitter followers, the Geordie Shore lass writes: ‘God Stephanie Davis is such a delusional individual. I genially feel sorry for her’.

Marnie and Lewis became an item during their time in the summer of 2016 Celebrity Big Brother. And whilst they tried to make it work outside the house, the couple were sadly not meant to be- after a bout of cheating allegations and a video of Lewis seemingly doing the dirty on Marnie, the pair split ways.

Whilst Steph is yet to hit back out at Marnie’s comment, it might only be a matter of time (we’ll keep you posted).

Alice Perry