Charlotte isn't returning for the thirteenth season of Geordie Shore

It’s safe to say that the country had a little collective cry when Charlotte Crosby announced her departure from Geordie Shore in May. Her bed wetting, drunken antics and general ridiculousness meant that she won all of our hearts during her 12 series’ as a cast member.

And it seems we’re not the only one cut up about the departure of our fave Geordie lass – co-star Marnie Simpson has declared just how much she’s missing her pal.

In her Star magazine column this week, she wrote: ‘it feels really strange without Charlotte here, I miss her so much. I would love her to turn up and surprise us all, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.’

Marnie is currently abroad filming series 13 of Geordie Shore.

Charlotte quit the show due to her unwillingness to star alongside on-off flame Gaz Beadle. She opened up about suffering an ectopic pregnancy of his baby in May.

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In an interview with Heat magazine, she claimed that he abandoned her after it happened – saying that he was supportive at first, but he eventually stopped phoning her. She also added that she was ‘really in love’ with her Geordie co-star.

Her relationship with Gaz has been one of the most tumultuous aspects of the show since series one. But it was claimed that he had cheated on her around the time of the ectopic pregnancy with her rival Jemma Lucy.

He has recently been cosying up to co-star and exotic dancer Chantelle Connelly

Marnie has expressed her hope that her pal will get luckier in love – suggesting that her ex-boyfriend Mitch is the way to go. She said in her column: ‘My cousin Sophie Kasaei thinks Charlotte should get back with her ex Mitch Jenkins and I agree. I truly believe he’s her soulmate and I’d love them to be a couple again. I want her to be happy and she was with Mitch.’

Charlotte split up with Mitch for a second time in August due to his reluctance to be a part of the Geordie Shore fame.