Shall we book the date already?


Marnie Simpson has been spotted wearing a VERY big sparkly ring on her ring finger, leading many to speculate that the Geordie Shore star has gotten engaged to her Celebrity Big Brother boyfriend Lewis Bloor.

But this hasn’t come out of the blue. The pair have been more loved up then ever, and posting it all over social media.

Not only has it been generic lovey-dovey stuff on Twitter: ‘Love you so much baby 2 weeks and we get eachother back. We can do it my little hero. Adore you always @lewis_bloor’

(Now listen to the sound of all Geordie Shore fans collectively hoping that was a drunk tweet)


But she’s shared a pic of the two of them kissing and captioned it: ‘He’s the kind of magic you Marry.’

He's the kind of magic you Marry. 🌷

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MARRY GUYS. She said the words herself.

But it’s not all been sunshine and rainbows.

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The Geordie Shore cast were recently heckled by a gang of people at Newcastle night club Riverside – who asked ‘Who the f***ing hell are you?’

And Marnie Simpson of all the cast took it particularly badly. According to reports, Marnie was heard shouting: ‘I’m 25 years of age, I’m going home!’

Then she tried to jump of a rusty railing in order to flee the crowds.