These two managed to find secretive places to get frisky

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor were famously flirty during their Celebrity Big Brother stint but it turns out things were even MORE X-rated than we’d first thought…

Geordie Shore star Marnie has revealed that she and Lewis managed to have SEX in the house and got away with it by keeping it as secretive as possible.


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Marnie, 25, spilled the beans when Rylan Clark quizzed her on her CBB nookie during an appearance on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side on Monday night.

‘You’ve just got to be clever about it,’ she explained. ‘Just be quiet, really really quiet.’

When Rylan asked exactly where in the house Marnie had managed to get frisky with Lewis, it turned out they’d snuck off to more than one location.

‘I think it was in the bedroom AND the shower,’ the reality star confessed as the studio audience cheered and laughed.

Ooh-er. It comes after Marnie recently revealed that she can’t believe what she got away with doing during her time in the house last summer.

‘I was shocked to come out and find it but I genuinely think that on Big Brother I was one of their favourites,’ she told MTV News. ‘Because I watched some of it back and I got away with so much.

‘I think they didn’t want to put it out there. We were so sneaky.’

Marnie and Lewis, 27, certainly caused a stir with their antics in CBB and memorably shocked viewers when they stripped off for a steamy shower together.

At the time though Marnie played it down and said nothing more than a bit of kissing had gone on in there.

‘‘I was so shy and so nervous,’ she said in the Diary Room of what had happened.

‘Nothing would ever happen. I would never ever do anything more than just shower with him or have a little kiss and blah blah.

‘It was nice that we’ve done that. I’ve never had a boy treat me the way he treats me and I feel so lucky. He at the minute is perfect.’

Sadly that perfection didn’t last as the couple split earlier this year after Lewis admitted to cheating on Marnie on two occasions.

Still, they’ll always have the memories of those happy (and rather rude) times in the Celebrity Big Brother house.