The Geordie Shore star was two weeks overdue

Marnie Simpson has revealed that she has named her first child Rox – and shared some gorgeous new photos to celebrate his arrival.

The Geordie Shore star welcomed her first child with boyfriend Casey Johnson on October 29 – two weeks AFTER her due date.

Revealing his moniker on Saturday, Marnie explained how she came up with his trendy name.

‘Everyone keeps asking how I picked his name,’ she said on her Instagram Stories before sharing a grab of the Urban Dictionary listing: ‘Rox something that is ultra cool.’

marnie simpson

She added: ‘I came across this definition online and loved it coz I knew he was going to be ultra cool.’

Speaking to OK! magazine, Marnie explained: ‘I came up with it. It popped up quite near the end. I like that it’s unusual for a boy.’


She also revealed what they almost named the baby: ‘The other names I liked were Columbus, Diego, and Emmett.

‘Ultimately, Casey would have let me choose the name, but I wanted him to enjoy it, too.’

marnie simpson

To celebrate their new arrival, Marnie shared some adorable images of Rox’s first few days on her Stories on Saturday.

One image sees the newborn in his first outfit before he left hospital, while another sees him at home and very happy after having a big feed.

Last month, the 27-year-old revealed that she was overdue with Rox, joking that she was bound to be as she’s never on time for anything: ‘Little man takes after his mamma and is fashionably late,’ she said.

marnie simpson

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Although Marnie wasn’t on any form of contraception, news that she was pregnant came as a total surprise.

‘I’ve never used contraception as I find it never agreed with me, I was always careful and was very aware of my cycle then it just happened randomly,’ she said at the time.

‘I’m a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and I think it was meant to happen.’