Geordies own reality TV... but Scotty T may have taken a certain competition to a new level

From Geordie Shore to Celebrity Big Brother, we’ve got to know everyone’s favourite ridiculous man, Scotty T, quite well. Or, at least, we think we do.

Luckily, his co-star on the MTV show Marnie Simpson has shed a rather brown light on the Scotty situation… as well as offering some support.


Speaking to New! Magazine, Marnie spoke about Scotty’s funniest story and, well, prepare yourself: ‘He tells us a lot of his bad sex stories that are hilarious.

‘He told us he pooed himself once when he was having sex.’

Amazing. On the Geordie Shore Graph of Grossness we think this fits in…



Yep. Holly Hagan trails at the bottom with a ‘wet the bed’ and Geordie Shore staple ‘sh*g off’, while Scotty edges out Charlotte Crosby and her ‘Fart-wee’ or ‘Fiss’.

Though Marnie is definitely confidant that Scotty T will keep it confined to the toilet during CBB… ahem, not in the Holly-Scotty-T having sex in the toilet kind of way. The other thing.

‘He’ll definitely keep his A-game going because there are girls in there and he’s a charmer.

‘He likes a challenge and a girl who can play him at his own game.’

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Pulling girls and pooing the bed aside, Marnie does reveal a face of Scotty that we don’t necessarily see on the TV show.

Scotty T middle finger gif

When asked what his worst habit is, Marnie says:

‘He is such a lovely lad, but he’s so hard to live with. He has OCD so bad. None of us are allowed to do our own washing, the dishes or the cooking – he has to do it all.

‘He got angry at me once because I pinched a pair of his trainer socks. He has about 20 pairs neatly folded! He’ll definitely do all the cleaning up.

‘He can’t stand mess. He’ll happily make you a bacon sandwich, but he won’t let you cook yourself a bacon sandwich.’

That doesn’t sound like hardwork to me. The ultimate housemate is surely someone who cooks and cleans on a hangover. At least no one else had to change his bed sheets.

Tom Capon/@TomCapon