The Geordie Shore star has shared a very busty snap...

Marnie Simpson has really set tongues wagging on Instagram after sharing a jaw-dropping shot of her boobs.

The Geordie Shore star posted a photo of herself modelling a new choker on Wednesday and in the process showed off her impressive cleavage in a revealing white top.


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‘Love my choker thanks @just_sparkle_uk check them out girls,’ Marnie, 25, captioned the post.

Love my choker thanks @just_sparkle_uk check them out girls . 💙

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But it was her chest that everyone seemed to be checking out…

The picture sparked debate amongst her followers, with many wondering if the Newcastle lass might have had a little help to get her perky bust.

‘Boob job?’ one fan pondered, whilst another wrote: ‘do u think she’s had her boobs done’

Meanwhile one admirer wondered: ‘how are they so perky and real????’

Marnie has previously admitted to having two boob jobs in the past, though says she opted for a lift rather than having implants inserted.

After having her second procedure in 2015 – which was done to correct a previous botched attempt – Marns said she’d chosen to do it to boost her confidence rather than her bust size.

‘I never wanted big boobs, and I am still happy with the size they are now,’ she told the Daily Star at the time. ‘So implants never crossed my mind and still don’t. I just wanted them to be perky.’

Marnie’s assets certainly seem full of perk in her latest selfie and some fans are wondering whether she’s simply created the look with a clever bit of contouring.

‘She has got real boobs she’s just contoured them you can clearly see that,’ one Instagram user said. Another agreed, writing: ‘You can blatantly tell she has done that trick with makeup to make her boobs look bigger’

Others have defended the Celebrity Big Brother star in the row and insisted that she’s free to do what she wants regardless of whether she’s had a boob job or not.

One fan wrote: ‘and even if she has had a boob job..??? Your point ! If she wants to get her tits out get them out for gods sake.’

[GIF] Marnie Simpson Geordie Shore

Marnie – who is still loved-up with her CBB co-star Lewis Bloor – hasn’t responded to this latest speculation but we’re glad to see that she’s feeling body confident, having admitted in the past to feeling ‘pressured to look pretty’ through being on TV.

She’s also been open about having lip fillers as well as her boob jobs.

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