Former EastEnders actress says she's glowing

Martine McCutcheon has fallen head over heels for her latest squeeze.

The ex-EastEnder admits she’s feeling amazing.

‘I think all women feel more beautiful when they’re in love – we just glow,’ she smiles.

‘Yes, I am glowing at the moment! I’ve been with someone for over a year.’

But Martine, 32, is tight-lipped about the identity of her fella – rumoured to be 23-year-old singer-songwriter Jack McManus.

‘I’ve promised I won’t talk about him because I don’t want to jinx it,’ she tells Saturday Magazine. ‘But I am really happy.’

Martine – who recently starred in Echo Beach and now has publishers bidding for her first novel – says life couldn’t be better.

‘Every now and then I get a little freaked out, because I’m thinking, “Should I feel this happy?”‘ she admits. ‘But I am a spiritual person and I do believe in destiny.’

Claudia Tanner