The actress played Tiffany Mitchell until 1998

Martine McCutcheon insists she’s glad that EastEnders producers killed her off, even though it wasn’t what she wanted at the time.

The actress joined the soap as Tiffany Mitchell in 1995 but the character met her end in 1998 when she was run over by a car at Christmas.

Martine wasn’t too happy about the way she was axed back then but now she’s glad that it gave her the chance to do other things including hit 2003 movie Love Actually.

The biggest bane of my career has been the abrupt endings that I have not seen coming in a million years,’ Martine, 37, tells The Sun.

A new producer came along who decided to make his mark by killing my character off. I found out about it listening to the radio, so that was a shock.

If I hadn’t been killed off in EastEnders, I probably would have wanted to go back but I thank God now that I was, as I would never have had a pop career.

I would never have worked with Hugh Grant and Richard Curtis and I would never have won an Olivier [Award]. I would never have done any of that.

If I hadn’t got killed off I would always have said, “Well, at least I have got that to fall back on.” I probably wouldn’t have been as brave as I was with the chances I took.’

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