Marvin and Rochelle Humes' daughter is a daddy's girl


Marvin Humes is very protective of baby daughter Alaia-Mai.

The JLS star is so keen to keep his little girl safe that he jokes about not wanting her to leave home until she’s approaching middle age.

For sure [I’ll be a protective dad], especially because she’s a girl,’ says Marv, 28.

She’s never, ever going on dates! She won’t be leaving home until she’s 40, or wearing make-up or nail varnish until she’s 35.

And if she wants to go to nightclubs, she can come with me when I DJ. She and one of her mates can have a little dance, and then we’ll go home.’

Marvin, who welcomed his first child with Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes in May, says Alaia-Mai is already 100 per cent a daddy’s girl.

On the phone to Roch yesterday, she put me on loudspeaker and Alaia started beaming, apparently,’ the proud dad says.

So she definitely knows my voice.’

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