After sharing her worries about early menopause, TV presenter Zoe Hardman has given birth!


A *huge* congratulations to TV Zoe Hardman, who welcomed her first baby into the world this Monday!

The 33-year-old has shared her happy news on Instagram, posting a snap of her little tot with the caption- ‘On Monday evening our beautiful little girl arrived into the world…now I know what perfection is. We love you so much Little L @pauldoranjones‘.

Zoe and her rugby player boyfriend Paul Doran-Jones have welcomed a baby girl, which they have named Princess L.

The former Take me Out- The Gossip presenter also shared another adorable snap of her new arrival, which she captioned ‘I could hold your hand all day’.

I could hold your hand all day 💞💞

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Fans were quick to comment messages of congratulations to Zoe, with comments reading things such as ‘Aww congrats to you both’ and ‘Fabulous news!!! Congratulations’.

The news of the new arrival is even more touching as Zoe had bravely become very public with her sister about battles with early menopause, and how earlier this year she feared she’d be unable to fall pregnant naturally. Zoe’s sister Kathryn had bravely shared that she had sadly gone through an early menopause.

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Zoe also previously shared that she would find it difficult to conceive due to an eating disorder also battled.

After revealing she’d conceived a baby in February of this year, Zoe shared with Hello that being pregnant was ‘everything I could have hoped for times about 10. I’m watching my body change daily, which is weird and wonderful. I’ve never felt more beautiful, actually’.

Zoe then added, ‘I’m not thinking about the birth, I’m not thinking about getting the nursery ready, I’m literally just thinking, ‘Today is such a magical day”.

A massive congratulations to Zoe and partner Paul! We can’t wait to see more of baby Princess L!

PS. Motherhood looks glowing on ‘ya!

Winter knits & a very tired new mums face 👀 heavily filtered

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