But Gavin & Stacey actor says he’s not interested


Gavin & Stacey star Mathew Horne has revealed he’s not short of attention from the ladies.

The actor, 29, gets approached all the time on the internet.

‘At the moment it’s quite full on,’ he says.

‘One girl recently MySpaced me to say, “I really like Gavin & Stacey, UR so funny.”

‘I said “Ta.” She replied, “You’re welcome. So do you wanna come round then?”

‘Girls are so stupid. I’ve had them sending phone numbers. They won’t get into an illegal minicab, but they’ll send their phone number to a total stranger. All for the chance of sleeping with someone slightly famous.’

But despite his new heart-throb status, Mathew says he’s not interested in getting thousands of notches on his bedpost.

‘I wouldn’t want to go to bed with anyone like that in a million years,’ he tells Live magazine.

‘I’m not saying Russell Brand shouldn’t do that. He should fill his boots. But it’s not my bag.’

Claudia Tanner