Matt fell victim to one of George's pranks

Matt Damon knew he never should have told George Clooney that he wanted to slim down.

The good friends recently starred in Monuments Men together and George, 52, was quick to play a weight-related prank on Matt during filming.

‘I’d put on weight by not working,’ explains Matt, 43.

‘And then I made the mistake, going into the film, of saying to George, “I’ve got to lose a few pounds.”

‘So I was trying to lose the weight, but George, being George, kept secretly sending the wardrobe people to the set to take in my clothes.

‘I’d go home from the set to New York, lose a few pounds and come back to the set only to find my clothes were tighter instead of looser, which didn’t make any sense.’

Matt admits he’d let himself go while spending time at home with wife Luciana Barroso and their daughters Isabella, 7, Gia, 5, and Stella, 3, as well as his stepdaughter Alexia, 15.

‘It’s an occupational hazard of living with kids,’ the doting dad tells Hello!

‘Especially with the little ones.

‘After a day of looking after them, I end up eating what they’ve been eating – the macaroni and cheese, the chicken fingers, everything.’

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