Ben Affleck's buddy cleaned out his system before having kids


Matt Damon has revealed that he quit smoking in order to improve his sperm ready for having kids.

The actor, who has three daughters with wife Luciana Bozán Barroso, used to get through a pack and a half of cigarettes a day for 17 years until he gave up his habit in 2004.

‘I remember my brother gave up before he had kids and he said: “I’m going to give myself six months or a year to clear out my system before I, you know…”‘ says Matt, 42.

‘Whether there’s any wisdom to your sperm-carrying, your system being somehow cleaner, but that was his thing and I remember thinking: “Yeah, I’ll do that, too”.

Lucy and I knew we’d be having more kids and that process started a year later.’

Matt, who is close pals with Ben Affleck, admits he started smoking in his teens after seeing legendary movie stars doing it.

Ben and I started when we were in high school,’ the actor tells The Observer Magazine.

‘We’d see the great actors – [Marlon] Brando, James Dean, Mickey Rourke, who we loved back then – smoking, and we just thought it was f***ing cool.’

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