Actor enjoys a good singsong


Matt Damon has a surprise love for karaoke.

The Elysium actor admits that belting out tunes after a hard day’s work helps him to unwind, especially if he can get other people involved.

‘[I relax by] going to karaoke on a double date with my wife Luciana,’ says Matt, 43.

‘One time we bumped into Jeremy Renner and dragged him with us. And Renner can sing.

‘Although we didn’t care if he could sing, we just wanted to hang out with him.’

Matt – who is a father to Isabella, 7, Gia, 5, and Stella, 3, as well as being a stepdad to Luciana’s daughter Alexia, 14 – has learned some pretty girly tunes along the way.

‘I know all the songs to The Little Mermaid,’ the doting dad tells Notebook.

‘Only because I have four daughters, you understand.’

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Anna Francis