The comedian and radio presenter, 26, talks 
Love Island, sexy fan fiction and his new stand-up comedy show

Hi Matt! You used to 
present The Xtra Factor, which recently got the 
axe from telly. How do 
you feel about that?

It’s a pity, isn’t it? I had a blast presenting the show and Caroline [Flack] and I had such a laugh together when we were on it. The way TV works and what people are watching has changed 
in the last few years. Simon [Cowell] would have only made the decision to axe the show if he felt he needed to. Rylan [Clark-Neal] and Matt [Edmondson] were great last year, though, so it’s a shame.

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Do you reckon the golden Xtra Factor years were with you and Caroline?

I think so. I’m glad I left before the show got the chop!

Did you watch Caroline 
on Love Island this year?

Are you joking? Who didn’t?! I was obsessed. 
I literally couldn’t turn the show off. I’m really pleased for Caroline – she’s got herself a good gig there.

Tell us about your new stand-up show…

It’s called Slash and it’s based on a really weird discovery I made about myself when I was Googling my name. Yes, I admit that I do that…

The biggest perk of being on Love Island? This bad boy. #loveisland

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What happened?

There’s a thing called slash fiction online, where fans, erm, imagine their favourite celebs in sexual situations. I was about 27 pages deep in Google when I found some erotic stories a One Direction fan had written about Harry Styles, Nick Grimshaw and me. It was odd, to say the least…

What happens in the story?

I don’t think I can go into it too much, but let’s just say I was the loser in the story! Harry and Nick come across as really cool, and I’m this massive wally. It has to be read to be believed.

What else is in the show?

I like to embarrass my family and friends, so I tell lots of stories about my girlfriend [model Sam Rollinson]. 
She’ll be rolling her eyes when she reads this. I’ve done it with my parents in the past and now it’s her turn to be embarrassed!

Catch Matt’s show Slash at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 
2-27 August, ahead 
of a nationwide tour. Tickets are available from mattrichardson