After tonight's X Factor final, Matt Terry is officially the 2016 winner! Congratualtions Matt, here's a look back on your journey!

The votes have been counted and verified, and you’ve picked your 2016 X Factor Winner to be… Matt Terry!

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Yup, after weeks upon weeks of top-notch-warbling for your votes, Matt has been crowned the winner of the entire competition.

A huge congratulations to Matt!

Oh, and no… that’s not Louis Tomlinson hijacking the competition. Only his doppelganger, we promise.

This moment. I will never ever forget it. 🙏🏽

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We first met Matt when the 23-year-old had auditioned in front of the judges after being left heart broken by his former girlfriend.

Refusing to mend his broken heart the normal way (ya’know, via pint upon pint of trusty Ben and Jerry’s), Matt had wound up in front of the judges.

After telling the panel ‘Music is my passion and it would be a dream come true to make it through. It’s why I’m here’, Matt managed to blow all the judges away with his rendition of Ben E King’s Stand By Me- and the rest is history!

Speaking of making it so far in the competition, Matt had shared that ‘I never, ever thought I would make it to this point. Even from the first audition, I never expected to get through. I still can’t believe it’.

Matt had then added that, had he not won, ‘I would be extremely grateful and happy to have come this far. Of course, I would love to win and go all the way. But I think, even right now, I feel like a winner to even get here.

And it would seem that fans of The X Factor would very much agree with Matt being crowned the 2016 winner, with countless taking to social media yesterday to share their support for the 23-year-old after his duet with Nicole Scherzinger.

One user shares, ‘if Matt terry doesn’t win XFACTOR U.K. I’m moving to another planet’.

Another writes,

Oh… and this also happened…

Hmm… we wonder. A massive congratulations to Matt on tonight’s victory!

Alice Perry