The I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestant enjoys the odd bender

Ex-Busted band member Matt Willis, 23, says that these days his idea of a fun evening is a night in front of the telly.

‘It’s weird as I’ve never stayed in – ever!’ he amits, but: ‘I can’t sit in a nightclub and get a bottle of vodka anymore, so I sit at home and watch TV.’

Matt checked into The Priory on the advice of his girlfriend, 31-year-old MTV presenter Emma Griffiths, after a bender in April last year.

He describes the period in his life when he was drinking heavily as ‘a weird time,’ but reveals, ‘I still go out and get off my face every now and then. I just don’t do it that much any more.’

Matt tells the News Of The World’s Sunday magazine that as long as he has a balance in his life, he will continue to go on benders.

Wonder how he’ll get on in the jungle.

Muzakkir Iqbal