The Lost star explains why Los Angeles drives him crazy…


Despite being a Hollywood star, Lost‘s Matthew Fox can’t stand Los Angeles.

‘The traffic and everything… It drives me nuts, he says. ‘I really need wide open spaces and a feeling of loneliness.’

Matthew grew up on an Indian Reservation in Wyoming where the nearest town was 60 miles away, which goes some way in explaining his aversion to the big city.

‘We didn’t have neighbours or anything like that,’ he recalls. ‘I think I did feel isolated but in a good way. That’s remained very important to me.’

Matthew, 43, is now building himself a house out in the wilds of Oregon for his wife Margherita Ronchi and their daughter Kyle Allison, 12, and son Byron, 8.

The actor is currently based in Hawaii and is looking forward to a life in the country when the final series of Lost ends in May.

‘I can’t wait. I really want to spend more time with my family,’ he tells Seven Magazine.

‘I’ve spent the last six years living in Oahu. What I miss above all is being somewhere where you can sit and watch the seasons change.’

Even so, Matthew has sensibly just put down the deposit on his first airplane so he can get to California when his career demands it. But he’d like to do films in future – no more TV.

‘I want to carry on working as much as possible. I’m just simply saying I want more control over my life.’

Javena Johnson