As Papa Beyonce reveals he's working on several Destiny's Child projects, here's five reasons why Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle getting back together would be the BEST

Matthew Knowles – AKA Beyonce‘s dad – has got us all excited by hinting at a possible Destiny’s Child comeback. Scream!

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Matthew – who still manages all Destiny’s Child-related business – said: ‘I am extremely hopeful that the ladies will come back with an album and a tour. I’m working on a few Destiny’s Child projects right now.’

Whilst these ‘projects’ include a book and a possible film or TV series, the bit that’s got us doing a little Chandler from Friends-style dance is the part about Bey, Kelly and Michelle potentially getting back together. Can you IMAGINE how good that would be?

We can. And so, with the sound of Bootylicious playing over and over in our head, we’ve compiled five reasons why a Destiny’s Child reunion really, REALLY needs to happen…

1. We could do with a big helping of Girl Power right now

How many all-female bands can you think of that are in the charts at this very moment? We got Little Mix and… Umm, that’s it. And whilst solo stars such as Jess Glyne and Demi Lovato are repping for the gals, nothings currently coming close to the mega-force that was Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle in the Destiny’s Child heyday.

2. The outfits

Oh, do you remember the outfits!? With Tina Knowles – AKA Mama Beyonce – at the helm of the wardrobe department, the Destiny’s Child ladies were never knowingly un-coordianted. And it was GOOD.

Destiny's Child

3. We really miss Kelly…

Whilst Beyonce has gone on to worldwide domination, Kelly’s solo career has never quite lived up to the DC glory days (except that song she did with Nelly. That song was GREAT). It’s now been two years since her last album, Talk A Good Game, was released, so we’re sure she’s ready for a musical comeback.

4. …and Michelle too!

Her role in the band may have sparked the Poor Michelle Tumblr, but there’s no denying that Michelle brought something to the Destiny’s Child line-up – namely an incredible voice that’s gone on to bring her much success in gospel music. And now we want to hear that incredible voice warbling its way though her Survivor solo again! All together now: ‘After all of the darkness and sadness…’

5. They could have a fourth member…

…in the form of little Blue Ivy! She’d *definitely* make an brief on-stage appearance, right? And after all, it’s not like the band is a stranger to line-up changes…

Come on ladies, make it happen.

Stephanie Wood