Oh, Maura!

Love Island superstar Maura Higgins has opened up about her cheeky antics on the show that ended up getting the whole villa in trouble.

The feisty brunette bombshell opened up about her naughty rule breaking during an Instagram Q&A after her appearance on Ireland’s The Late Late Show.

Dishing the details to viewers, 28-year-old Maura revealed she got a telling off from show bosses for conducting a secret master plan to nab herself some extra wine.

She explained: ‘I should never tell, but I’m gonna…

‘Some nights you get one glass of wine, some nights you get two, you either get a choice of beer or wine, I always choose wine.

‘One night I went into the larder where the drinks get prepared and there’s like a water dispenser there. I went in before everyone else and I downed everyone’s wine and I filled it up with water.’


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Unsurprisingly, the stunt didn’t go down well with the show’s producers, with Maura continuing: ‘And I got in really big trouble. The whole island got punished the following night because I got really drunk. I shouldn’t have probably said that. I’ll get in big trouble now!’

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Maura, who found romance on the reality smash hit with pro ballroom dancer, Curtis Pritchard, also confirmed that parts of the programme have to be shot several times, detailing: ‘Yeah, we did [re-shoot]. Just say, for instance, if a text came through and you weren’t loud [enough] or if you stumbled on your words, you’d have to re-take obviously.’