Charlotte Crosby and Max Morley were seen hooking up at the Jeans for Genes party two weeks ago - so what's happened since? Are they a couple? Or is it just casual?

Geordie Shore favourite, Charlotte Crosby got a little more than she bargained for when she attended the annual Jeans for Genes party – a cheeky ‘tache on’ with none other than Max Morley from Love Island!

They look great together, but have they had the dreaded ‘where is this going’ conversation yet? According to Charlotte, 25, it isn’t a talk that will be happening anytime soon.

The former Celebrity Big Brother winner said: ‘Max Morley’s been texting me loads since we hooked up, but he still hasn’t asked me on a date!

‘I think we’ll meet up when I get back from Ibiza – he must be keen because he’s texting me!’

She continued to Star magazine: ‘It’s too early to tell if I like him and I’m not looking for anything serious. He’s a lovely lad and very attractive, but a relationship is the last thing on my mind’.

So we shouldn’t start listening for wedding bells in the near future it seems! But close pal and ex Geordie Shore co-star, Vicky Pattinson, reckons Charlotte and Max make a great couple.


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She said: ‘She seems a pretty smitten kitten. From what she’s told me, it’s very casual, but they’re enjoying spending time together. There’s definitely something there!’

We don’t know whether to get excited or to calm down with all these mixed signals!

The steamy pictures of Charlotte and Max came as quite a shock to some of us – considering it hasn’t been long since they both split from their former partners.

It wasn’t too long ago Charlotte was planning for her future with ex, Mitch Jenkins and Max was getting cosy and cuddly with Jess Hayes – they even won Love Island together!

Surely it isn’t just us that are struggling to keep up!?

Only time will tell what is in store for Max and Charlotte – but let’s hope he at least takes her on a date soon!

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 Alice Murray