Boyband star says he felt uncomfortable meeting rock legend Ozzy Osbourne in his underpants


McFly’s Danny Jones has revealed how Kelly Osbourne’s Prince of Darkness father ruined any chance of the pair getting together.

After meeting at London club Funky Buddha, 23-year-old Kelly invited him back to the family home in Buckinghamshire.

But Danny says Ozzy, 59, made him feel so uncomfortable that he ended their ‘date’ early.

‘She invited me back to her parents’ place and we were sitting downstairs chatting and stuff,’ he explains.

‘Then Ozzy shuffled in wearing only creased, black Y-fronts. He sat next to me at the kitchen table, wolfed down a couple of buns and grumbled: ‘Who are you, then?”

‘I introduced myself – I don’t think he was a McFly fan – while he ate, sitting crossed-legged in his pants.’

But the 22-year-old boyband star felt the night had been ruined.

‘I left soon after, even though Kelly asked me to stay. I like to introduce myself to parents properly before I stay the night. It didn’t feel right,’ he tells the Daily Mirror.

‘Weirdly, Kelly never contacted me again. She’s too cool for me now – she hangs around with Kate Moss!’