TOWIE has got some new people in town in the form of Kate Wright and Michael Hassini


Roll out the red carpet, pop open the bubbly – but maybe hold back on the carbs babes – there’s some new meat coming through on the streets of TOWIE!

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So here’s a crash course of all you need to know about newbies Kate Wright and Michael Hassini.

1.) Wright connections
Despite her name suggesting so, 24-year-old Kate isn’t related to any of the TOWIE Wright lot. She did however go out with Essex’s very own Dan Edgar for four years, up until he hit out screens and she had to watch him get with Jess Wright. Ouch.

2.) Age ain’t nothing but a number
Kate is much like an older sister to 20-year-old Michael Hassini, who is often mistake for being an decade older in his early 30s.

3.) Ladies man
Michael likes to think of him of somewhat of a seasoned Lothario, and has over 100 notches on his bedpost, claiming to have ‘more game’ than any of there current cast on TOWIE right now. Many of who he thinks are ‘past it’.

4.) One of the lads?
With comments like that about current cast members, we wouldn’t be surprised if Michael ruffled up a couple of feathers with some of the current fellas on the show, who he says will be jealous and threatened by the attention he’ll get from ladies. Attached or not!

5.) Gym Bunny
And how does Michael get those ladies? Well, we’re sure the five times a week that he hits the gym doesn’t hurt matters. And we’re sure the taste he has for designer clothes and expensive watches helps too.

6.) Straight-talking
Confident and outgoing Kate Wright isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind, and she won’t hesitate to put anyone straight and in their place. Guys and gals of TOWIE – you’ve been warned!

We can’t wait to see what drama these two TOWIE newbies will cause in Essex!

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