Some fans have deemed Megan's birthday tribute 'inappropriate'

Megan McKenna is no doubt used to her pictures on Instagram causing a stir – and it’s mainly to do with fans fawning over how good she looks.

However, one of her recent posts has caused an uproar for a wholly different reason, as her birthday dedication to 18-year-old sister Milly McKenna has been trolled by her followers, with some going as far as to call it ‘disgusting.’

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TOWIE star Megan has had the odd saucy picture in her career – and as a family girl, it’s hardly any surprise that eventually she’d bring her nearest and dearest along for the ride.

So, to celebrate the coming of age of younger sister Milly, 24-year-old Megan participated in a joint birthday photoshoot for her – in which neither of the girls are wearing much more than their birthday suits…

Pictured facing towards each other on a bed of pink balloons, Megan and Milly wear nude-toned crop top and pants, and a swimsuit body respectively, while holding a birthday cake with number ’18’ candles.

When your sister slays 🍭 @millymckennax 🎈

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‘When your sister slays’, Megan simply captions the racy photo, posted to Instagram on Thursday (8th June).

However, some of Megs’ supporters have taken issue with her post – and the fact that they’re not very dressed.

‘She’s 18 & dressed like that? have some self respect and as you to be her big sister and allow her to be dressed like that? wow,’ one unimpressed fan writes, while another chimes in: ‘How sick is this photo? She is 18. Put some clothes on both of you! You really are desperate.’

A particularly harsh comment: ‘Disgusting photo you should be ashamed’, while others were concerned by their being sisters and posing in this way: ‘What a strange photo shoot to have with your sister.’

Yikes! Bearing in mind the fact that they’re both adults and can dress how they like, this must have been a disappointing response for Megan to receive.

Luckily, she had some fans who were enjoyed the photo, with one saying: ‘if you don’t like it don’t follow … the photo is as it looks naughty but nice with two women in control over what they are doing x’.

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