They're doing just fine, thank you very much

Social media can be a bit of a minefield for celebrities – how to strike the balance between socialising with fans, and sharing so much of your personal life that it becomes public property?

Megan McKenna is just one example of a celebrity who has been figuring out how to be expressive online, without everything tying back to her romance with TOWIE co-star Pete Wicks – and she picked Valentine’s Day to defend her privacy on that very same platform, after concerned fans speculated over the state of their relationship.

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If there’s one thing that many reality star fans are aware of, it is the fact that Megan loves to speak her mind. Earlier this week, she gave her followers a vague, but ominous insight into her brain when she wrote: ‘Stressed is an understatement’, along with some advice for self:


‘Only trust your family and your dog.’

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Though the tweets aren’t directly related to anything romantic, they’re leaving a lot up to interpretation – and seeing as she’s taken her complaints about her beau of one year, Pete, to the internet in the past, her followers were quick to assume what was the cause of her odd messages.

‘What the flaming heck has he done now?’ wrote one in response, while another cheeky fan poked fun at their sexting fallout of Autumn 2016, asking ‘who’s Pete texting now?’

Yikes. However, Megan was keen to clear up the assumptions that there was trouble in paradise by taking to the site on Tuesday (14th February), denying that her tweets had any link to her relationship.

‘Just because I write something about being stressed or trusting my family. Doesn’t mean it’s related to @P_Wicks01 Christ’

And later that day, she showed her fans that all was right – as she and her Valentine’s date Pete, 28, had revisited the place of their first date.

First stop, back to where we had our first date 🍾

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So we can all relax – Pegan is all good for now. But with the next series of TOWIE gearing up to return in a couple of weeks, can it stay that way?