Ex on the Beach was a saucy time for dear Megs

Megan McKenna is one of the first people who comes to mind when the ideas of always being yourself, and living with no regrets are raised.

However, she’s only human, and naturally there are some things in many people’s past that they may wish they’d done a little differently – and Megan’s now admitted remorse over having sex with Jordan Davies during Ex On The Beach.

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Though she’s one of the main cast members in TOWIE, the world’s first contact with the feisty Megan we know today was during the MTV dating show, where she and Jordan got intimate in front of the cameras.

The TV star and make-up queen has spoken about her parents having issues with her actions in the past, but in a recent interview, single gal Megan has revealed that she regrets getting hot and heavy in front of the nation.

‘I have a few regrets from when I was on Ex On The Beach,’ she began. ‘I did get a bit intimate with one of my boyfriends on there. I wish I didn’t.

‘But it’s not like there was a film crew there, there were fixed rigged cameras, so it does seem like there isn’t anyone there. And he was my boyfriend. I was with him for a month, technically, on the show.’

Megan, 24, and Ibiza Weekender personality Jordan had something of a whirlwind romance, which even resulted in them being engaged for a short time! However, it fizzled out just before she entered Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 – and her rise to stardom began…

As such, it seems as if Megan does see the value in some of her actions, as she then goes on to admit that her choices in the past have helped to propel her to where she is now. Continuing to HuffPost UK, she said:

‘I don’t know, there’s a few things I regret, but I suppose that it’s got me where I am today.’

Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies pose for a cute selfie in 2015

She also brushed off comments from those who judge reality stars for having sex on TV:

‘It is normal. I know that having sex on TV isn’t the best thing, but everybody [has sex]. So I don’t know why everyone’s making out like they don’t, because they do.’

Fair play, gal!