This didn’t go down well…

Megan McKenna has found herself getting a bit of backlash on social media following a message about a doctors visit.

The TOWIE star ended up in a row with Jade Goody’s widower Jack Tweed when she ranted about children being lively in the waiting room and getting treated before her.


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‘Absolute Liberty at the doctors,’ Megan, 23, Tweeted yesterday.

‘People bringing there kids & being seen before u. When there running around a million miles per hour!’

The post didn’t go down well with many of Megan’s followers and definitely seemed to irk Jack, who responded: ‘We’re u want them to put there kids?’

Megan then tried to clarify what she meant.

‘no. Coz the kid is Ment to be ill there seen before me,’ she wrote in reply to Jack.

Jack wasn’t the only one annoyed by the messages as they sparked quite a backlash from several Twitter users who blasted Megan for being ignorant.

‘Just because they’re running round doesn’t mean they’re not ill. Depending on what’s wrong is why they would get seen first,’ one wrote.

Another added: ‘this tweet is outrageous!! Who knows what’s wrong with the kid&who cares anyway..We were all children once!! Including you!!’

Yikes. Others thought that Megan might think differently if she knew what it was like for the kids’ parents.

‘I pray you never have poorly children. Comment on how an ill child should behave when you have them,’ a disgruntled fan commented.

The day didn’t seem to get much better for Megan unfortunately as she revealed later on that it had been a bit of a shocker.

‘The worst day ever,’ she simply Tweeted. Oh dear.

There was something on hand to cheer her up though – boyfriend Pete Wicks’ cute dogs.

Megan shared a selfie as she enjoyed a bath in the evening with the pooches perched up at the side – awww.

‘Swear down Eric & Ernest best not jump in. @P_Wicks01 look what happens when your away,’ the reality star Tweeted about the snap.

Anna Francis