Megan's spilled all about the show

It’s hard to think of a time when Megan McKenna wasn’t part of the TOWIE cast.

Despite the fact she’s been on the show for a little over a year, the feisty star has made a very big mark on ITVBe’s reality show – and quickly became one of the most popular, and leading characters.

Though TOWIE is currently on a filming break between series, Megan’s still got the show on the brain – and has now exposed some truths about the bits that viewers don’t get to see – including THAT awkward finale moment with Amber TurnerDan Edgar and Lauren Pope.

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Megan, 24, has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, Ex On The Beach and Britain’s Got Talent before finding her TV home on TOWIE. However, filming the last series was no walk in the park for her – and in a new chat, she admits that it was her hardest project to film yet:

‘It’s a shame – I get on with a lot of the cast but this series was so bitchy, it was the bitchiest series I’ve ever done, even over other shows I’ve done like CBB and Ex On The Beach – all of them, it sh*ts all over that. The girls and even the boys, they get so involved.’

As well as dealing with her split from ex Pete Wicks, this series also covered Amber Turner leaving boyfriend Jamie Reed for Dan Edgar… only to see Dan looking cosy with newly-returned Lauren Pope in the show finale. AWKS.

Amber looks less than pleased to see Dan and Lauren getting close

Plenty of viewers mocked Amber’s visibly upset face, marking it as ‘karma’ – however, bestie Megan has revealed that not all is as it seems. Elsewhere in her chat with OK! online, she claimed Amber’s sadness to be down to other things:

‘She found it hard coming to the end of the series. I think it looked like she was upset in a lot of the clips at the end and she was, but it was a mixture of things – it wasn’t to do with Lauren Pope.’

‘It was to do with other people, and she’d had a bit of an argument with some of the people. They can’t show everything because they’ve got to fit everything into an hour. With Amber it takes people a bit of time to get to know her – she’s not a horrible person, she’s just honest.’

She then goes ever further in trying to stand up for her friend, explaining that cast and viewers alike will warm to her in time:

‘Yes, she does say some stupid things but so do I! It took people time to warm to me, so I’m hoping next series it’ll be easier.

‘The cast need to back off her a little bit, she’s not a nasty person, and they just need to give her a break.’

We can’t wait to see whether Amber has more luck in the next run of the show…