After the Duchess of Sussex gets a taste of her old life, she’s making plans to take back some control

Private jets, paparazzi and A-list pals: it’s 
a life many would struggle to say goodbye to, and it seems even the Duchess of Sussex is still having a hard time transitioning from celebrity socialite to 
royal example.

Meghan Markle

Since marrying Prince Harry in May last year, 37-year-old Meghan has had to give up showbiz launches in favour of engagements and isn’t allowed to snap selfies with fans any more.


So it’s hardly a surprise that, given the chance, Meghan slipped back into old habits last month with total ease when Serena Williams and Amal Clooney threw her a baby shower in 
New York fit for a Kardashian.

Meghan was flown to the 
Big Apple on Amal’s private jet, where the party – estimated to have cost £330k – took place at The Mark hotel.

Meghan Markle

We’re told that the trip has made Meghan more desperate to get some kind of ‘normality’ back once the baby is born – even if that means officially splitting her time between the UK and America.

A well-placed royal source says: ‘Meghan is a passionate American at heart and she misses her home environment terribly.

‘That will never change, even now 
she considers herself part-British and her baby will be a UK national. Meghan has zero intention of turning 
her back on the country she adores.’

Meghan has spoken herself about yearning 
for her old life, and reportedly told a royal spectator last year that she misses acting in US drama Suits. When the fan told Meghan they ‘missed’ 
her on the show, she responded: ‘So do I.’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

And it’s no secret that Meghan is proud of her American traditions. She previously came under fire for ‘breaking royal protocol’ and hugging fans. One revealed: ‘Someone said to her, “People don’t do that”. Meghan literally said: “I’m American. I hug.”’

Something undoubtedly influencing Meghan’s decision to break away from royal life slightly is her growing friendship with Amal and her husband George, who we’re told have become her support network, along with ‘understanding’ Harry.

Our insider adds: ‘George and Amal 
totally understand her predicament and have been there while she works through this homesickness. They’ve told her it is perfectly normal to want to divide her time between the UK and the US.

‘Harry doesn’t have a problem with it. He loves America and will be more than happy to accompany Meghan when she heads back to California after the birth.’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit to Edinburgh, Scotland – 13 Feb 2018

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In fact, Harry, 34, is so keen 
to make the mother of his future baby happy that they’re said to be openly talking about buying a property in California.

‘Meghan had such a wonderful time at her baby shower,’ our source says. ‘It really reopened her heart to her true identity. Yes, she’s a British royal now but deep down Meghan will always have America closest to her heart – emotionally as well as scheduling regular trips home.’