The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is set to appear on the front cover of British magazine Tatler at the end of the month.

Meghan Markle

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The Duchess will grace the front page of the publicaion’s 310th anniversary issue which will be released on Halloween.

An old image of Meghan taken back in 2015 for Canadian website Bay Street Bull will grace the front cover.

Inside ‘the Meghan issue’ will feature the results of a poll on the country’s opinion on the former Suits actress as well as pieces from four writers giving their two cents on Meghan.


Richard Dennen, Editor-in-Chief of Tatler, said, “It was fascinating delving into the archives for this anniversary issue and seeing how the cast of characters has changed.

“Dynasties rise and fall, new money sashays in, celebrities of the day dazzle.

“As the Duchess of Sussex knows well, every generation has its struggles – but it’s always cool to be on the right side of history.

“I think the Duchess of Sussex is fabulous. I love that she is independent and not afraid of doing things her own way.”

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This comes after Tatler hailed Meghan ‘social climber of the year’ just weeks ago in its September issue, stating that she had reached the ‘pinnacle of the greasy pole’.

Meghan recently spoke out about feeling ‘not okay’ regarding the treatment of her by the press since marrying Prince Harry.

During ITV’s documentary following the pair on their tour of Africa, she admitted that while she didn’t think life in the royal spotlight would be easy, she “thought it would be fair”.

She also revealed that when she met Harry, her British friends urged her to stay away, saying that they warned that the British tabloids would “destroy” her life.