Singer enjoys bonding session with Eddie's former wife

Mel B shows the world – and Eddie Murphy – the meaning of girl power by lunching with his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell.

In what must have been a Scary scene for 46-year-old Eddie, his ex-wife and Mel swapped notes over lunch at The Ivy in LA.

Nicole, 39 – who’s mother to five of Eddie’s seven children – took her youngest, five-year-old Bella, to meet half sister Angel.

No doubt the ladies discussed dollars over dinner – a pre-nup stopped Nicole receiving half of Eddie’s £65million fortune when their 13-year marriage ended.

Mel, 32, revealed Eddie hasn’t paid a penny in child support since a DNA test in June revealed he’s the daddy. She now wants custody and ‘reasonable’ support for four-month-old Angel.

Mel’s lawyer Gloria Alldred hinted at expectations, telling the Daily Mirror: ‘He bought a big diamond ring for his new fiancée but what about being generous to his own baby? Mr Murphy, see you in court.’