Former Spice Girl gets in heavyweight help

Mel B has hired a heavyweight Hollywood lawyer to fight Eddie Murphy in the courts.

The former Spice Girl, 31, has called in Don Engel to take on the comic, who has denied being the father of her unborn child.

Engel charges £250 an hour and in the past has represented Cher, Meatloaf and Fleetwood Mac.

Mel began dating Eddie, 45, six months ago but was dumped when he claimed during a TV interview that they were no longer an item. And he even demanded a DNA test to prove Mel’s baby is his.

‘Mel is refusing to lie down and let Eddie walk all over her – and this is reflected in her choice of lawyer,’ a friend tells the Daily Mirror. ‘She wants to hit him where it hurts – in the pocket.’

Reportedly Mel may be able to claim as much as £15million in lifelong payments to support Eddie or Edina Junior.