Scary Spice now exercises every other day…


Mel B put the Scary in the Spice Girls, but she’s friendly, approachable and frighteningly full of energy.

Married to Stephen Belafonte, she’s mum to Phoenix, 11, and Angel, two. After she had her youngest daughter, Mel really worked at losing all the baby weight.

‘I put on 4st when I had Angel, so afterwards I really threw myself into fitness,’ she confides. ‘I only started exercising in the last two years. 

‘I work out every other day for an hour and a quarter. I do 30 minutes of interval and cardio, then I’ll either do free weights or abs depending on what mood I’m in.

‘I have a gym at home, so my friends come over and we work out, then have a coffee and a good gossip. 

Mel, 34, would like to expand her family with Stephen very soon. Phoenix is the daughter of ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar and Angel was fathered by actor Eddie Murphy.

‘I definitely want more kids by the end of this year or next year.’ she says, ‘now feels right to have another.’

See the full interview with Mel B in Now magazine dated 22 February 2010 – out now!