Scary Spice didn't hold back during her Brutally Honest and Fabulous Q&A show

Mel B got her nickname Scary Spice for a reason – and she once again proved why as she took to the stage for her Q&A show Brutally Honest and Fabulous at the weekend.

She didn’t hold back at all when it came to her fellow Spice Girls members – especially Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham.

Mel told the crowd at her Leeds show that Geri was a ‘f***ing b***h,’ after she was told she’d been flown into one of their tour dates by helicopter, according to The Sun.

And that wasn’t where it ended with her remarks about Ginger Spice.


Asked about when the band first found fame in the early ’90s, Mel said, ‘I was 19 when we were ricocheted into the whole fame thing. And Geri? Well, we don’t actually know how old Geri is . . . ’

Mel also confessed that Geri was far from happy after she revealed they had a one-night stand together, and that things were very uncomfortable at the start of rehearsals for their reunion tour this year.

She said, ‘It was a long time ago. I didn’t say anything. I was very respectful to Geri. It was such a little thing that got blown completely out of proportion. When I walked into rehearsals on the first day it was a bit strange, it was a little bit awkward.’

It wasn’t just Geri who Mel had it in for though. Posh Spice also came up, and not for good reasons.

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Talking about her pet Chihuahua, Mel said, ‘So Cookie joined us on tour. I didn’t even want this dog, to be honest, because my friend bought it for my family for Christmas.

‘But I fell in love with her and now she comes everywhere with me. She’s easier than Victoria to handle — and cheaper.’

However, the worst bit of the show for Victoria and Geri was during a game of S**g, Marry, or Kill.

Mel said, ‘I’d definitely marry Mel C because she’s brilliant in every way. S**g? Probably Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) because although she acts innocent I think she might be a little bit kinky.’

She then added, ‘Who would I kill out of Geri and Victoria? Both of them!’

They don’t call her Scary for nothing!