After attending showbiz red carpets with eldest Phoenix Chi, 20, Mel B has finally been reunited with youngest daughter Maddison after spending months apart.

Mel B knows the value of family time so much so that she’s keen to capture every minute of it.

In a new video clip uploaded to her Instagram, Mel can be seen kissing her youngest Maddison, aged eight, who she has with ex husband Stephen Belafonte – on the cheek as Maddison and eldest daughter Phoenix Chi both stick their tongues out at the camera.

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But there’s something missing from the picture that makes it incomplete – daughter Angel, 12. Mel captioned the snap: “Ok so @angelsmurfy where are you? Me and my baby girls are together #familyiseverything #bond #unbreakable #girlpower #motherdaughterlove #stopabuse #womensaid #inof”

And fans were quick to praise the reunion. One wrote: “Right where she belongs”, another put: “I’m so pleased Maddie is home” while others were questioning whether the reunion was a permanent one.

As reported, Mel had relocated to be near her family in Leeds and has been battling with her ex over where their daughter should go to school – in the UK or US.

It is not yet clear whether the visit is temporary or a permanent thing as Mel has uploaded the post from a London location.

Speaking about the distance back in September, Mel said: “I haven’t got Madison. It’s heartbreaking.

“I will never be a US Citizen whether I am married, divorced or whatever.

“Unfortunately, my child is a US citizen. I have to go through a court system where I have to ask for a relocation order and that is in place as of next week and I may not see her now for the next three months while the judge makes a decision.”

Mel continued: “It’s heartbreaking for me. I have had full custody of all my children but because I was over here doing the Spice Girls tour in May – even though my kids were all with me including Madison – she had to go back to start school.”

Explaining the reason behind the move, Mel added during her A Brutally Honest Evening With show in London: “Her father wouldn’t accept her starting school with her sister in Leeds.

“I have been divorced for nearly three years. They don’t leave you.

“The fact that they have a kid with you they have immediate access to them all the time,” she added.