She may have had three children, but Mel B is still in incredible shape.

The 44-year-old gave Sporty Spice a run for her money when she wowed her 1.5 million Instagram followers with her ‘insane’ bikini body.

Mel was showing off her ‘fro’ – having been growing her natural hair out – but fans were more distracted with the star’s toned figure.

‘How has that body had 3 children,’ one wrote. While another said, ‘Body goals since day 1!!!!’

But, Mel’s body is the result of a gruelling training regime, which saw the Spice Girls star wake up at 4.30am to exercise with her personal trainer in order to tone up for the tour.


Yup, you heard that right.

‘Getting it done, workouts and eating right makes all the difference, even if I have to workout at 4.30am before I wake my kids up for school,’ she revealed.

And Mel doesn’t regret putting the hours in to feel happy in herself. ‘It’s that simple, you’re always gonna need something or someone else to complete you,so give yourself yourself and start from the inside out and learn to love yourself unconditionally with respect love and loyalty, and dedicate time to looking after YOU.’

And Mel’s diet is equally on point in order to maintain her trim figure.

‘I keep it simple,’ she explained. ‘For breakfast I’ll whip up a quick smoothie with coconut water, greek yoghurt, and whatever fruit I have around me, like banana and blue berries and granola.’


‘I’ll have some dark rye avocado toast for lunch with a leafy green salad and grilled chicken for dinner with some stir-fry veggies.’

But the mum-of-two doesn’t deny herself and her three children the occasional treat.

‘For me it’s all about moderation. So if my girls want to get a pizza on the weekend, we’re going to get a pizza. I’d go crazy if I denied myself the occasional treat.’

It’s working!