Scary knows how to bear a grudge

Relations between ex-Spice Girls Mel B and Victoria Beckham are said to be at an all-time low.

Mel was miffed after she asked to borrow a few numbers from Posh‘s fashion line last year to wear on her reality show It’s A Scary World – and got turned turned.

Victoria would have lent her outfits if she could have done but she just didn’t have anything,’ says a source.

‘The samples were not the right size for Mel‘s curves and the sizes she needed were not in stock.

Mel seemed to take offence that she didn’t pull strings and she was fuming.’

Following a series of angry texts, fiery Mel, 35, still refuses to forgive Victoria, 36.

‘They’ve not spoken for months,’ a source tells the Sunday Mirror.

Mel was clearly very angry.

‘She explodes and goes mental and takes and takes a while for her anger to simmer down.

Posh is not too worried – it’s Mel who’s holding a grudge.’

And with Victoria rumoured to be moving back to the UK from Mel B‘s hometown of LA, they’re not going to be bumping into each other on Rodeo Drive.

‘People bracket us together because we live in the same city and we’re both interested in fashion,’ Mel admitted recently.

‘But that’s where the similarities begin and end.’

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Esme Riley