The others were going ahead with or without her

Mel C has revealed that she had no option but to join the Spice Girls reunion.

The other four told Sporty, 33, it was going ahead whether she opted in or not.

‘The girls approached me and said they were getting together to do a world tour, a greatest hits album and a big goodbye, and I was like “Oh no”,’ she says. ‘It was the last thing I wanted to hear.’

But Mel wanted to avoid upsetting her old mates.

‘I didn’t want to miss out and have regrets,’ she says. ‘I also didn’t want to be the person that stopped it being the complete five – I was scared I’d be the villain.’

But Mel intends to work on her solo career again when the girls are off the road in February 2008.

‘The thought of singing Wannabe makes me cringe,’ she says. ‘I’m obviously hoping that the Spice Girls tour helps with rejuvenating my solo projects.’