Presenter has fun with the Let's Do Lunch chef

Melanie Sykes has revealed that she ate bull’s testicles cooked by Gino D’Acampo.

The pair co-host daily cookery show Let’s Do Lunch With Gino & Mel and the bubbly brunette admits that she loves to try the food Gino, 35, creates.

‘I can’t not taste the stuff Gino cooks – that would be ridiculous,’ says Mel, 41.

‘And I literally eat everything – the bull’s testicles last year were delicious. They tasted like foie gras.’

Mel, who recently caused a scandal for sending sexy Twitter pictures to 26-year-old toyboy fiancé Jack Cockings, can’t help but get the giggles when filming the live show.

‘Everything sets me off,’ Mel tells Saturday Magazine.

‘Doing the show is just so much fun every day.

‘Once I came back after a break and realised that Gino had nicked my cue cards and hidden them around the kitchen.’

Anna Francis