TV presenter believed her suggestive Tweets to toyboy wouldn't attract attention

Melanie Sykes says she thought her sexy Twitter conversation with her now-fiancé Jack Cockings, 26, would go unnoticed.

‘I’d been under the radar for so long, I didn’t even think it would matter,’ reveals Melanie, 42.

‘And I felt it was just between me and him at the time because I didn’t have many Twitter followers.’

The former Today With Des And Mel star says she was more worried about her children’s reaction.

‘When I knew it was going to be in the papers, I was more upset for the boys. I remember thinking: “oh no, the boys,”‘ Melanie tells Fabulous magazine.

‘I hope I didn’t offend anybody. But it was just jokes. It wasn’t actually happening,’

Melanie and Jack’s romance was first spotted via a series of racy Tweets in which Mel declared she had ‘the giddiest knickers’ and the ‘raging horn’.

In another post, the TV presenter Tweeted: ‘Jack the rabbit I need some bunny love so hop to it!! Xxx boing boing!!! Loooooool xxxxxxx.

Roofer Jack wrote back: ‘Only if I can bounce into your face! Xxx‘.

Mel then asked: ‘Will you fill mine? Xxx.

Melanie reveals that the couple still have a passionate relationship.

‘I’m marrying him. It’s passionate,’ she says.

Corey Kitchener