Mel doesn't regret Tweeting a picture in her underwear

Melanie Sykes says she doesn’t regret posting a picture of herself in lingerie on Twitter.

‘I Tweeted one picture of me in my underwear behind the scenes of a magazine photo shoot,’ says Mel, 42.

‘I was fully made-up in clothes that I was put in by a stylist and my body looked amazing.

‘I had spent months Tweeting pictures of half-naked men to all my girl followers and all the boys were like: “Come on, Sykes, what about one of you?” So I sent it.

‘I don’t regret it at all. Those shots were in a magazine for the whole nation to see as well – so why would I regret it? I’m very happy with my body naked.’

Mel, who is set to wed roofing contractor Jack Cockings, 27, isn’t suprised that her figure is still a source of fascination.

‘I posed naked for a men’s magazine so I expect it to be of interest to people,’ the mum-of-two says.

‘But I think the thing people get giddy about is that I’m 43 this year and people look at my body and age and go: “Bloody hell!”

‘If I was twentysomething I wouldn’t get that much attention. Kelly Brook is constantly doing campaigns for underwear and nobody bats an eyelid.

‘I think it must be an age thing.’

Anna Francis