Kabbalah bought them together

Dancing On Ice star Melinda Messenger and queen of pop Madonna have become good mates.

Melinda’s husband Wayne Roberts has revealed that he and Mel met Madonna when they turned to the kabbalah faith to fix their marital problems.

‘During hard times in a relationship, you look to all sorts of places for guidance and advice. Kabbalah really helped,’ reveals Wayne, 34. ‘When we met Madonna, she was a very pleasant, normal, down-to-earth lady. She and Guy Ritchie went through the same sort of thing as us but, sadly, they didn’t make it through together.’

Wayne and Melinda, 37, announced a trial separation last April, but put their 10-year marriage back on track just before Christmas.

‘The difference between the two couples is that both Wayne and Melinda found the kabbalah advice helpful and believed in it,’ a friend tells Now, ‘although I suppose you both have to really want to save your marriage for any advice to work.

‘Wayne’s admitted that he struggled with the fact that his wife was the breadwinner in the relationship and, if nothing else, the counselling they had helped him to open up about those feelings. They’re both so happy to be together again.’

See the full story about Melinda Messenger and Madonna in Now magazine dated 2 February 2009 – out now!