The TV presenter has chosen not to give her daughter the vaccine

Though many expect daytime TV to be nothing but laughs and risky innuendos, shows such as This Morning have proven that they’re not afraid to tackle some seriously important, and occasionally controversial subject matter.

An example of this happened earlier this week, when TV presenter Melinda Messenger appeared on the ITV show to express her reasoning for not giving her daughter the HPV vaccine, which is supposed to protect against cervical cancer.

The moment proved to be quite controversial, causing a big online debate. And now, Melinda has claimed that she was ‘under pressure’ to censor some of her views while on the show.

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Appearing on Wednesday’s (14th December) edition of This Morning, Melinda gave reasons for why she wasn’t planning on making her 13-year-old daughter, Evie, get the preventative jab – much to the clear annoyance of resident GP, Dr Chris Tasker.

And in a statement released on Thursday (15th December), she aired her dissatisfaction at with her segment:

‘I was shocked and surprised at how Dr Chris Steele treated me during my interview on This Morning, and also when I came off screen as well.’ she began.

‘But really it just highlighted for me how important this conversation is.

‘The level of anger and hostility thrown at me was extreme, especially considering they had invited me on to talk about my concerns as a parent over the HPV vaccine, but would not let me talk or have another supporting voice who shared the same view, to balance out the debate.’

This Morning, 14th Dec 2016

This Morning, 14th Dec 2016

She also claimed that Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby had been tasked with restricting how much Melinda could say.

‘I have since had it confirmed to me that the UK Public Health Association were trying to get me stopped from coming on the show to talk about the vaccine as a concerned mum.

‘I can only assume that the This Morning team, Philip and Holly must have had a huge amount of pressure on them on what to let me say, and what to stop me from saying.’

Speaking to a supportive fan on Twitter, she reinforced her belief in all having a right to their views:

‘I don’t think anyone should be bullied into silence. We all have a right to our opinions. And you have a right to be heard.’

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