Don't kill a dinosaur on TV


Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke has got in hot water for ‘abusing animals’, according to animal rights activists.

The reality star hasn’t been particularly mean on his badger hunt though – it was for killing a crocodile while on TV. Ollie was filming scenes for The Island with Bear Grylls, which saw him jump on the crocodile’s back and stab it in the neck repeatedly.

‘I feel it is totally unacceptable to kill or abuse animals for entertainment,’ Ian Knight of International Animal Rescue told The Sun.

The activist explained that the reptile would have ‘suffered unnecessarily’ as Ollie would not have the skills to be able to kill it ‘humanely’.

[GIF] Ollie Locke

Presumably it was slightly more traumatic than pictured above


Ollie Locke is particularly uncomfortable with killing the animal in the show, which sees celebrities try to survive on a remote island for two weeks. He’s eventually encouraged to do it by fellow contestant Karen Danczuk.

A Channel 4 spokesperson replied to comments: ‘Those on the island all received training on how to kill animals humanely and this was utilised properly in each instance.’

The show has come under fire in the past. Last year, a group of female contestants captured a pig while it slept and killed it to eat later. It ended up being the third pig slaughtered on the show in just two weeks.

An RSPCA spokesperson commented at the time: ‘The RSPCA opposes practices that cause animals pain, suffering or death in the name of entertainment. It’s unacceptable and could easily cause great distress to the animals.

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‘There’s no excuse for using animals in stunts that carry a high risk of them being harmed.’

Yikes. Advice for next time: buy your bacon from the supermarket.