Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson has dumped bad boy Spencer Matthews

Lucy Watson has no intention of taking Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews back.

The lothario is out of her life for good after being a bad, bad boy.

But when did Lucy first suspect 24-year-old Spencer had cheated on her?

‘When he left for Zante at the start of June,’ she tells us in our exclusive interview.

‘He was there for personal appearances and I was chilled about it.

‘I told him to do his thing and didn’t expect him to keep in touch with me.

‘But I was reading Twitter before I went to sleep one night and received five different messages from people asking me if I was OK because Spencer had just left a club with a girl.

‘I direct messaged someone who was in the club and she told me she’d seen him trying to get the girl to go back to his hotel.

‘Then the next morning I got a Tweet from a different girl.

‘It said: “My friend had sex with Spencer last night.”

‘I eventually found out he’d been with four women over the course of the weekend.’

Lucy, 22,was going to give Spencer the benefit of the doubt until he came home.

‘But the next day he didn’t even call me ’til 2pm and by that point I felt I had enough evidence,’ she explains.

‘I broke up with him by text. I said: “I hope it was worth it.

‘”Don’t ever speak to me again.”‘ I’m not stupid – I’m not like other girls who’ve fallen for his shit.

‘I know what’s right and wrong.’

Read the full interview with Lucy Watson in this week’s Now magazine dated 1 July 2013 – download the digital edition now!


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